“I’ve been content for quite some time not watching CNN these days.  There is only so much I can take, hearing the racist, bigoted rhetoric coming from the network on a daily basis.  The only time I am exposed to your propaganda is through YouTube, where I luckily don’t have to watch any of your advertisers.  And until last week, I’ve been happy with this personal arrangement.

“That ended last week.  I will no longer be content.

“A young man with special needs was kidnapped and tortured by four assailants.  Think about that.  Anyone who hears or reads about any kind of incident like that should be sick to his or her stomach where he or she should want to vomit.  Except that wasn’t the case for individuals who work at CNN, was it?  Don Lemon saying this wasn’t “evil”.  Symone Sanders saying this wasn’t a hate crime, and that it was in association with the fact that Donald Trump was elected.  This is disgusting.

“But it didn’t stop there, either.  There was even an anchor who was caught ON AIR laughing after seeing the horrible video of this young man being tortured.  TORTURED, and she was laughing.  Yeah, I saw Sara Ganim doing that on air, as well.

“I guess I’ve seen this coming for some time due to the many egregious statements made from those that work in the network.  They only thing that it tells me is that this is no longer a problem with the commentators and anchors there, it is simply a problem with the leadership of the company.

“Had I been the CEO of the network, I would have immediately made Don Lemon and Symone Sanders apologize on air.  Then I would have fired both of them.  But CNN won’t.  The network is happier to justify in any way possible one of the most horrible crimes to humanity that I can think of, especially against one of the most vulnerable in our society.

“So, as I said, I am no longer content with not watching CNN anymore.  I will be contacting every advertiser of CNN, letting them know how displeased I am with them simply because of their association with a news network that promotes disgusting behaviors from individuals.  I will also be circulating this throughout social media, because there are a lot of people in our country who are infuriated that CNN could defend these actions.

“Apologies will not suffice.  People’s careers need to end, and if not, then companies associated with them need to be devastated.”

Below is a list of all CNN advertisers.  But before I give that list, a few quick thoughts.

I will repeat: a young man with special needs was kidnapped and tortured by four assailants.  That’s all you need to know that should enrage or deeply sadden you.  If it does, congratulations, you belong to the human race.  Anyone you may hear that thinks any differently are not Homo Sapiens.  End of story.

Montel Williams made a statement about what happened in Chicago: “Life in prison.  No parole.  I’m not interested in whether these kids had a tough life, whether their parent loved them enough, I don’t care.”  To hear someone like Montel Williams say something like that should tell you how bad things really are.  Even Al Sharpton chimed in, calling it a hate crime.  But yet CNN won’t.

Montel Williams thinks that the four who committed this crime did something worse than Charles Manson did, because at least Manson gets parole from time to time.  And he’s right to think that.

We can no longer stand by while individuals soil this country, promoting this kind of activity.  If you are a human reading this, please unite not just with myself, this poor young man and his family, but for everyone out there on this planet.  Supporting these actions is so much more abhorrent than the kidnapping and torturing ever could have been.

Spread this to everyone you know, and reach out to the advertisers of CNN to help stop the network from encouraging these awful actions in the future.  This is the only way it is going to end.

Jeff Zucker is the CEO of CNN.  His email address (that I found, and it wasn’t easy) is

Here are the advertisers for CNN, which I was able to get from (since CNN apparently doesn’t want to publicize where they get their money from…I wonder why).  Phone numbers and links to their websites are included.

HEC Paris MBA Program

JK Harris and Company – Phone: 800-556-9795

AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals – Phone: 800-236-9933

E-Trade – Phone: 800-387-2331

Monex Precious Metals – Phone: 800-444-8317

Sprint / Nextel  – Sprint customers: 888-211-4727 / Nextel customers: 800-639-6111

Select Quote – Phone: 800-777-8300

Wells Fargo – Phone: 800-869-3557

AARP – Phone: 888-687-2277

Philips / Norelco – Phone: 212-850-5000 / Scott M. Weisenhoff , CEO Philips Electronics North America email:

Subaru – Phone: 800-782-2783

Geico – Phone: 800-861-8380

Boston Market – Phone: 800-365-7000 – Phone: 800-843-2446

Liberty Medical – Phone: 800-970-4831

Live Well Financial – Phone: 800-917-1170

American Coalition for Clean Coal – Phone: 877-358-6699

University of Phoenix

Partnership for Prescription Assistance – Phone: 888-477-2669

Ehealth Insurance Services – Phone: 800-977-8860

Dodge – Phone: 800-853-1403

Hyundai – Phone: 800-633-5151

Jos A Banks Clothiers – Phone: 800-999-7472 or 800-285-2265

Career – Phone: 800-638-4212

Johnson & Johnson – Phone: 732-524-0400

U.S. Home Auction – Phone: 800-793-6107

Cisco – Phone: 800-553-6387

Exxon Mobil – Phone: 972-444-1000

Jitterbug – Phone: 800-918-8543

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July 2016 Unemployment Numbers

Barack Obama

U.S President Barack Obama

Politicians are masters at twisting the truth or facts. They try to find any detail that is positive or a way to spin the facts in their favor. The chart below is a great example of this. President Obama and the White House were thrilled to announce the July jobs report came out. The only thing they have talked about is the 255,000 jobs created. That’s an okay number and higher than expected. Two things, it’s not good enough to create the growth we need. Second, it doesn’t tell much at all about the real state of the economy.

4.9%: The unemployment rate stayed the same at 4.9 percent in July.

7,770,000: The total number of unemployed individuals during July was 7.8 million. The number of unemployed individuals is 125,000 higher than when the recession began in December 2007.

255,000: The economy added 255,000 jobs during July, down from 292,000 jobs added during June. Despite strong job growth this month, the total number of employed workers has only increased 4.4 percent since the recession began in December 2007.

15,660,000: The total number of individuals “underemployed” was 15.7 million during July 2016. This includes those individuals who are unemployed (7.8 million), those who want a job but are no longer looking for work (2 million) and those individuals who are working part-time because no other work was available (5.9 million).

9.7%: The “underemployment” or “real unemployment” rate was 9.7 percent during July 2016. Real unemployment is nearly 1 percent higher than when the recession began during December 2007.

8.4%: The African American unemployment rate was 8.4 percent during July 2016, 0.6 percentage points lower than when the recession began in December 2007.

5.4%: The Hispanic unemployment rate was 5.4 percent during July 2016, down from 5.8 percent during June.

3.3%: The civilian labor force has only grown 3.3 percent since President Obama assumed office, rising from 154.2 million during January 2009 to 159.3 million during July 2016.

62.8%: The labor force participation rate, which measures the percentage of individuals working or looking for work, was 62.8 percent during July. This represents a near 40-year low and one of the lowest rates since March 1978 when labor force participation was also 62.8 percent. In addition, this means that 37.2 percent of individuals who are able to work are not looking for a job.

9.5%: If the labor force participation rate were the same as it was at the start of the recession, the unemployment rate would be 9.5 percent and roughly 15.1 million individuals would currently be unemployed.

2,020,000: The number of individuals unemployed for longer than 27 weeks was 2 million during July. The total number of long-term unemployed has increased 696,000, or 52.6 percent, since before the recession.

5,940,000: The number of individuals forced to work part time because no full-time work was available was 5.9 million during June. The number of part-time workers for economic reasons has increased 1.3 million, or 28.6 percent since December 2007.

1,950,000: The number of individuals who attempted to look for a job at some point in the last year but have given up their search was roughly 2 million during July 2016.

826,000: There were 826,000 unemployed first-time job entrants during July 2016. These individuals entered the labor market for the first time and were unable to find work. When President Obama assumed office this number was 775,000.

28.1 Weeks: The average number of weeks it took job seekers to find work increased to 28.1 weeks in July. This represents nearly 10 weeks longer than the average observed over the past 40 years. The average time it takes job seekers to find work has remained over that average for over seven years or 94 months.

8.2%: The millennial unemployment rate (18-29) decreased to 8.2 percent in July. When including individuals who have given up looking for work, as well as those who are working part-time because no other work was available, this figure increases to 12.1 percent.

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Government and Media Lies


Federal Trade Commission Logo

Have you heard of the Truth In Advertising law? The Federal Trade Commission is tasked with enforcing it and investigating any allegations of false advertising. It protects consumers from false advertising. The law applies the same standards regardless of where the ad appears – in newspapers and magazines, online, in the mail, or on billboards or buses. The federal law says the ad must be truthful, not misleading, and, when appropriate, backed by scientific evidence. Again, the purpose is protecting consumers from fraud and deception.

Think about the concept and purpose of this law at a high level. An entity lying and/or manipulating information to mislead/deceive a group of people. This law is focused on consumers buying products or services. You can easily understand the importance of having this law and enforcing it. Look at all the diet food and health supplements. Imagine what they could say and promise if we didn’t have this law.

Truth In Advertising

FTC Protecting Consumers

Let’s contrast this to politicians and our government. We have no such law or even rules regulating what they can so. Some might argue that the public has the power to vote against a politician who is deceitful. Well, a consumer has the power to not purchase their product. But neither can exercise their right if they aren’t aware they are being deceived.

Why aren’t their consequences for their actions? A federal law for this would have to be written and approved by government. The very people it would be regulating. I think we all know they will not do that. And we know there’s politicians deceiving us all the time. It happens so much we have an entire segment of the media that fact checks politicians. And we wonder why the public has such a low opinion of government.

Then there’s the media. They don’t really have anyone fact checking them. Just about every media organization favors one of the two parties; Democrats or Republicans. It’s gotten so bad now that they really don’t hide it. It’s startling and amazing how different organization report stories and the facts they present to their audience. Everything they do and say is specifically intended to convince the viewer to believe in what they want you to believe. Now we see this happening to non-traditional media like Facebook and Twitter. Recently whistle blowers have reported that these organizations hide or promote content based on their agenda. Hide negative stories about liberal politicians while increasing the trending of favorable ones.

Imagine how informed the public would be if politicians and media were held to the same standard as companies advertising? Imagine how governments credibility would improve?

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Creating A Terrorist Organization

Are we creating our own terrorist group?

The US seems to be more divided than ever. The Obama administration refuses to use the words Radical Islamic Terrorist. He says he doesn’t want to degrade an entire faith. However, doesn’t the word “Radical” clearly define a specific group of people. And that group is hiding behind the religion of Islam. No normal person with common sense would assume this implies “Everyone” that follows Islam is a terrorist. Just the ones that use it to justify terrorism.

Then he calls terrorist in the US loan wolves or its work place violence. On April 19, 1995 Timothy McVeigh bombed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City. It was almost immediately listed as terrorism. It turned out to be a single US citizen that hated the US government.

The White House continues to downplay Radical Islamic Terrorists. He says young men being radicalized is partially because the US continues using Guantanamo Bay and they use it as propaganda. Obama and his administration say they lure young men and women sympathizing with their cause into joining. They do this using propaganda about how bad the Jihadist are. Our government says most of them join because they have no hope. They live in poverty with no opportunity. They feel neglected, isolated and abused. They become angry and hateful toward their government that they feel has abandoned them.

All the sudden along comes ISIS with all kinds of promises and the paint a picture where they become powerful, respected and a sense of purpose. It’s like a dream has come true. They will be respected.

ISIS became what it is today because the US left the middle east unchecked with no leadership, direction or sustainable government. Obama and the White House ignored them and even called them a JV team. They grew and grew until they were large enough to call themselves a state. No one intervened until it was too late.

First, there’s no proof the founders and leaders of Black Lives Matters has done anything wrong or want any violence. We’re not implying or accusing them of anything. They’re website is very informative and well laid out. The one concern is this statement in the About Us section: “We are working to (re)build the Black liberation movement”. This is tied to other organizations like the Black Panther Party and the Black Liberation Army. There is a detailed outline of “The History Of The Black Liberation Movement” on Wikipedia here. This link has a slightly different perspective.

Let’s contrast What’s going on in the US with Black Lives Matters to the evolution of ISIS. Black Lives Matter has grown to a very large organization unchecked. There’s been plenty of examples of threats, violence and crime in the name of Black Lives Matters. Yet, there has not been any investigation that we’re aware of that investigations include connections to Black Lives Matters. They’re very organized and well-funded. That’s another story. Check on who helps fund and is associated with Black Lives Matter.

Our government leaders promote racial division publicly. There’s instances of them claiming an incident was racially motivated when there’s no facts to prove it. When the facts come out to disprove it they never apologize for their inaccurate statements. The media does the same thing. They all quote statistics that are not true or not tell the whole picture. Basically, they promote division and hatred within our country. Why would they do that instead of trying to unite us so we can deal with real issues?

Black Lives Matter and other leaders of the African-American community preach how blacks are discriminated against and unfairly treated. They state facts of the number of blacks incarcerated or how they are twice as likely to be shot by police then a white. They also preach to the youth that it’s white privilege in America that keep black youth down. Black youth unemployment is of the chart. They’re teaching them that they have no hope and it’s all whites fault.

Then comes the marketing. Join Black Lives Matter and make a difference. Get even! Get respect! Get power! You can riot and loot and there’s no consequences. Kill any cop but a white cop is a bonus and you’ll earn respect from your peers. Hillary Clinton said, ”I will talk to white people”. Implying its white people’s fault and she’s going to straighten them out. That should be offensive to white people. Once again she’s dividing the country. I see plenty of white people protesting with Black Lives Matter. That sends the wrong message to all races.

Smart, wealthy people look for trends and patterns to make decisions. We’re not implying any of this is true or intentional. However, there’s some interesting patterns here.

We believe there are lots of problems but think everyone can come together to solve them if we stop referring to them versus us. Find out the facts and punish anyone and everyone that commits any crime, period. We have to stop the hatred on all sides because racism is color blond. Any person or race can be racist.

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Murder: Racism & Due Process

After the assassination of the cops in Dallas Obama refuses to call it racism. He said it was a “vicious” and “despicable”. Then he goes right into gun control. Not once did he or has he ever mentioned it was racist or racially motivated. Attorney General Loretta Lynch called the Dallas shooting an “unfathomable tragedy” in a “week of profound grief and heartbreaking loss.”

Within hours of the Alton Sterling shooting, which was obviously a horrible incident, Obama goes on to say, ‘This is an American problem.’ He made it clear this and the Philando Castile killing were racially motivated. In AG Lynch’s case she tied the Dallas shooting together with the Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. They were all tragic and the video of the Alton and Philando killings look horrific. But we have laws. We have no idea what ALL the facts are. Everyone has already convicted them. There’s no evidence that it was racially motivated, yet. We know they didn’t wake up and say I’m going to kill them. If the Sterling and Castile killings were racially motivated and/criminal those officers need to be punished to the full extent of the law. But we don’t know yet and shouldn’t judge

To the contrary, we know for a fact Micah Xavier Johnson planned the assassination. He personally said he wanted to kill white people, especially white cops. Fact!

Why jump to conclusions without facts on the cops but not hold Micah Xavier Johnson accountable for his complete factual actions and call it what it is?

SKS Rifle

SKS Rifle

Obama and several of his Democratic supporters jumped at the opportunity to use the Dallas assassination of five cops to push his gun control agenda instead of sticking to morning with the families and country for even one day. He didn’t call it racist and said this is another example of why we need gun control on assault weapons like the one used in this terrible act without knowing or telling the public the truth. He played out this same scenario with the terrorist act in Orlando. A marketing ploy to mislead the public. The FACT is the terrorist in Orlando didn’t use an assault rifle. Micah Xavier Johnson didn’t either. He used a SKS rifle which is 70 years old and it was made during World War II. It’s not even close to a semi-automatic like the AR-15.

Yes, all three incidents are tragic. But we must realize there are differences and be honest. It’s dishonest and disingenuous to mislead and deceive people so you can manipulate them for personal gain. The media and our leaders are destroying our country. The public believes what they see and hear. And they should be able to expect it to be the truth when it comes from our government. The whole truth.

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People Kill People

CNN’s Wolf Blizter has asked Bernie Sanders for an apology to the victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting because he didn’t support a bill for gun control legislation. The daughter of the killed elementary school’s principal said “you owe her and the other victims’ families an apology” to Sanders. The gun control bill would make it legal to hold gun shop owners financially liable in instances of shooting related deaths. Sanders responded that he did not support the liability law because he didn’t believe that gun shop owners should be held responsible after a legal and lawful transaction, regardless of what happens later, like Sandy Hook.

Um…hello. We’ve just been picked up by a tornado and sent to Oz. I mean, since when did an ultra-liberal like Bernie Sanders say things that made sense and the country cries for an apology? Let’s follow this little Yellow Brick Road and see where the insanity takes us:

Why not also sue the companies who manufactured the guns as well? Guns don’t kill people, bullets kill people. So let’s sue the bullet manufacturers too. Knives kill people, so is Target, Walmart, and other locations liable? Don’t let Ford and Toyota off the hook either, because plenty of children are killed in DUI accidents every year.

The shooter in the Sandy Hook incident was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. He had a long history of mental illness. He also didn’t purchase any of the weapons used during the shooting – they were given to him by his mother, who purchased them legally. How can we hold a gun shop owner accountable for her actions?

Only when you click your heels together three times and say “There’s no place like home”.

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Got O2?

We have seen the final season, and final home game, of famed and future hall of famer Kobe Bryant this year.  Love him or hate him, you have to admit that he has a huge Laker following.  So with his career behind him, what kind of crazy memorabilia is selling online for Laker, and Kobe, fans across the world?  Jerseys, shoes, basketballs, and even bobble heads.

How about oxygen?

An ambitious EBay auctioneer posted a sale for the air from the Staples Center, captured during Kobe’s final home game before retirement.  The auction in question came with a zip lock back, “Air From Kobe’s Last Game” written on it, and oh yeah, the air from Staple’s.  Bidding started at one dollar.

What’s a devout Kobe fan to do?  People all over the country started bidding on the air bag.  The price rose, closing out one day at $800.  But it didn’t stop there.  The final bidding price ended at $15,000 before EBay took the posting down.  EBay said that they didn’t support the sale of natural resources on their website, and also didn’t want a potential scam promoted by their company.  I guess everyone is going to have to stick to autographed jerseys from now on.

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Trey Gowdy Smack Down Coming

You can’t say “Hillary Clinton” without also saying “Benghazi” or “email scandal” these days. Why shouldn’t it be that way, as these are some of the most important incidents that should define a voter’s viewpoint of a potential presidential candidate. But after several years of investigations, including by the Congressional Oversight Committee, I had come to the conclusion that it was all over, another political scandal swept under the rug kind of cover-up.

But no. Rep. Trey Gowdy is surging forward to finish the final reporting, releasing important information. The goal is to be finalized by mid-July, but more than likely it will span out into September, which is near the end of the presidential campaign. If Hillary wins the Democratic nomination, this could potentially be damaging for her race for president. Screams have been coming from media outlets such as The Washington Post and the Huffington Post, with individuals in Capitol Hill as well, stating that this is purely a political move to hurt the Clinton campaign.

So what?

The email scandal specifically is a violation of the law, to which Hillary Clinton has already admitted her guilt. This means that she leaked national security secrets, including personal information of CIA agents abroad. She also withheld information from the American public, not just by not releasing the information in a timely fashion, but by law, all federal employee documents are the right of citizens to view at any time (excluding classified documents). So if a bank robber pleads guilty in court and goes to prison, is it political? If so, does anyone really care? He robbed the bank, didn’t he?

Other federal employees have gone to prison for the exact same thing that Hillary has done. So, why should the Clinton 2.0 machine get off scott-free? At the very minimum, the law states that after committing this scandal, the individual is no longer eligible to run for any political office. Ever. Knowing full well that that isn’t going to happen, I’ll settle for the third option: hitting her where it hurts in the voting booths.

Be afraid Hillary, because this is why Gowdy is the man:

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Avengers Versus S.H.I.E.L.D.

The anime The Ghost In The Shell film is being redone, with principal filming already under way. The remake is not an anime, and Scarlett Johansson was announced as the lead acting role last year. This has been met with ire from both anime fans and the Asian community as a whole. Ming-Na Wen, a S.H.I.E.L.D. actress, tweeted:

avengers versus shield 2
Before turning to racism, or “whitewashing”, it’s probably a better idea to take a look at the long list of reasons why she received the role instead of other Asian actresses. It could have stemmed from availability, a better fit for the role, viewer discretion. I’ve heard of actors and actresses turning down roles because they don’t want to travel out of the country, and The Ghost In The Shell is being filmed in New Zealand. There is one more reason why Dreamworks/Paramount pictures decided to go with Johansson:

They aren’t making an anime.

This isn’t an animated film, and they don’t want it to be. Animated films in the U.S. combined equate out to roughly 2 billion dollars a year. COMBINED. The total revenue of the first Avengers film was 1.52 billion. I say again, the first Avengers movie nearly made as much money as all anime in the United States COMBINED. What Dreamworks/Paramount is looking to do here is include the majority of viewers in the States to support an action film that has a large budget. To top it off, all film companies when aiming for creation of a high profile film star *gasp* high profile actors/actresses.

And I can’t think of a single Asian actress who starred in a movie that made 1.52 billion.

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Women Aren’t Ready For The Military

Should women be in the military?  How about on the front lines?  If you were to ask Marine Corp Lt. Col. Kate Germano, the answer might lift an eyebrow or two.

Lt. Col. Germano was recently assigned command over an all-female battalion boot camp, and she was shocked at what she learned.  Her all female Marines had “never once” met the averages of their male counter-parts in physical fitness, academics, or on the rifle range.  Not once.  They were also running fewer miles and carrying less weight.  Finally, she witnessed the women, after running the “Crucible hike”, returning to the grounds with a row of chairs waiting for them.  The male recruits do not get chairs when they are returning from the same hike.

“I took the chairs away immediately and, I’ll tell you what, I had company staff who were terrified that the women were going to fall and break their hip,” she said. “The women weren’t as strong as they should have been…”  She immediately put a halt to the planned integration, where female recruits will be placed with the men in basic training.

Retired Lt. Col. David Morgan said that he didn’t support coed training, but he did see a pervasive negative attitude toward female Marines among men in the Corps, starting with boot camp.  I wonder why?  Could it be that the men are having to work harder at their jobs, including at academics, and don’t get a long row of chairs to sit in after an arduous hike?  Is that where the “pervasive negative attitude” comes from?

Everyone is so terrified of the political aspect in this, that no one is doing the right thing, or even raising their hand.  Because of the Congressional squabbling over securing a few more votes, there will be real life consequences.  The rush is on, and obviously CO’s are afraid to step forward when these women aren’t ready for front line combat.  The result will be that many more of our military personnel will probably be KIA.  This isn’t a fight to sway more voters, these are real life sons and daughters.  Get out of the military!

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