About Us

This blog was created out of the frustration with public figures using their fame to influence the public by lying or because they are paid and typically they know nothing about the topic. We want to make the public aware of these issues and give everyone a forum to voice their opinion no matter what it is. We hope that this will educate the public and you will rise up and hold them accountable. If the public doesn’t watch their movies, buy their products and impact their bottom line they might think twice about using their fame, which the public has given them, to advance a personal agenda.

I do want to stress that I am not against them invoking their first amendment right to free speech. I applaud those that use their fame to help fight hunger, save animals, fight poverty, etc. They cross the line when they try to impose their will and personal beliefs on the rest of us. It’s also disturbing when they stretch the truth, outright lie or demonstrate hypocrisy. If they support and promote something they should follow what they expect of others.

Here’s some examples of stories you can expect to find us report on. When famous wealthy people support raising taxes on the top one percent yet they take advantage of every tax loophole they can find. How about the public figure that complains about the income inequality in the US when they are actually part of the top one percent and do not give to charity or participate in any philanthropy causes.

We realize that we will be addressing some very controversial topics including poverty, race, religion, sexual orientation and politics. Our intent is not to offend anyone. We want to present the unbiased facts and let the public draw their own conclusions. If you find it too offensive you have the right to invoke your first amendment rights to voice your opinion and not visit our site. All we ask is that you extend us the same first amendment right to freedom of speech.