Murder: Racism & Due Process

After the assassination of the cops in Dallas Obama refuses to call it racism. He said it was a “vicious” and “despicable”. Then he goes right into gun control. Not once did he or has he ever mentioned it was racist or racially motivated. Attorney General Loretta Lynch called the Dallas shooting an “unfathomable tragedy” in a “week of profound grief and heartbreaking loss.”

Within hours of the Alton Sterling shooting, which was obviously a horrible incident, Obama goes on to say, ‘This is an American problem.’ He made it clear this and the Philando Castile killing were racially motivated. In AG Lynch’s case she tied the Dallas shooting together with the Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. They were all tragic and the video of the Alton and Philando killings look horrific. But we have laws. We have no idea what ALL the facts are. Everyone has already convicted them. There’s no evidence that it was racially motivated, yet. We know they didn’t wake up and say I’m going to kill them. If the Sterling and Castile killings were racially motivated and/criminal those officers need to be punished to the full extent of the law. But we don’t know yet and shouldn’t judge

To the contrary, we know for a fact Micah Xavier Johnson planned the assassination. He personally said he wanted to kill white people, especially white cops. Fact!

Why jump to conclusions without facts on the cops but not hold Micah Xavier Johnson accountable for his complete factual actions and call it what it is?

SKS Rifle

SKS Rifle

Obama and several of his Democratic supporters jumped at the opportunity to use the Dallas assassination of five cops to push his gun control agenda instead of sticking to morning with the families and country for even one day. He didn’t call it racist and said this is another example of why we need gun control on assault weapons like the one used in this terrible act without knowing or telling the public the truth. He played out this same scenario with the terrorist act in Orlando. A marketing ploy to mislead the public. The FACT is the terrorist in Orlando didn’t use an assault rifle. Micah Xavier Johnson didn’t either. He used a SKS rifle which is 70 years old and it was made during World War II. It’s not even close to a semi-automatic like the AR-15.

Yes, all three incidents are tragic. But we must realize there are differences and be honest. It’s dishonest and disingenuous to mislead and deceive people so you can manipulate them for personal gain. The media and our leaders are destroying our country. The public believes what they see and hear. And they should be able to expect it to be the truth when it comes from our government. The whole truth.

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