Creating A Terrorist Organization

Are we creating our own terrorist group?

The US seems to be more divided than ever. The Obama administration refuses to use the words Radical Islamic Terrorist. He says he doesn’t want to degrade an entire faith. However, doesn’t the word “Radical” clearly define a specific group of people. And that group is hiding behind the religion of Islam. No normal person with common sense would assume this implies “Everyone” that follows Islam is a terrorist. Just the ones that use it to justify terrorism.

Then he calls terrorist in the US loan wolves or its work place violence. On April 19, 1995 Timothy McVeigh bombed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City. It was almost immediately listed as terrorism. It turned out to be a single US citizen that hated the US government.

The White House continues to downplay Radical Islamic Terrorists. He says young men being radicalized is partially because the US continues using Guantanamo Bay and they use it as propaganda. Obama and his administration say they lure young men and women sympathizing with their cause into joining. They do this using propaganda about how bad the Jihadist are. Our government says most of them join because they have no hope. They live in poverty with no opportunity. They feel neglected, isolated and abused. They become angry and hateful toward their government that they feel has abandoned them.

All the sudden along comes ISIS with all kinds of promises and the paint a picture where they become powerful, respected and a sense of purpose. It’s like a dream has come true. They will be respected.

ISIS became what it is today because the US left the middle east unchecked with no leadership, direction or sustainable government. Obama and the White House ignored them and even called them a JV team. They grew and grew until they were large enough to call themselves a state. No one intervened until it was too late.

First, there’s no proof the founders and leaders of Black Lives Matters has done anything wrong or want any violence. We’re not implying or accusing them of anything. They’re website is very informative and well laid out. The one concern is this statement in the About Us section: “We are working to (re)build the Black liberation movement”. This is tied to other organizations like the Black Panther Party and the Black Liberation Army. There is a detailed outline of “The History Of The Black Liberation Movement” on Wikipedia here. This link has a slightly different perspective.

Let’s contrast What’s going on in the US with Black Lives Matters to the evolution of ISIS. Black Lives Matter has grown to a very large organization unchecked. There’s been plenty of examples of threats, violence and crime in the name of Black Lives Matters. Yet, there has not been any investigation that we’re aware of that investigations include connections to Black Lives Matters. They’re very organized and well-funded. That’s another story. Check on who helps fund and is associated with Black Lives Matter.

Our government leaders promote racial division publicly. There’s instances of them claiming an incident was racially motivated when there’s no facts to prove it. When the facts come out to disprove it they never apologize for their inaccurate statements. The media does the same thing. They all quote statistics that are not true or not tell the whole picture. Basically, they promote division and hatred within our country. Why would they do that instead of trying to unite us so we can deal with real issues?

Black Lives Matter and other leaders of the African-American community preach how blacks are discriminated against and unfairly treated. They state facts of the number of blacks incarcerated or how they are twice as likely to be shot by police then a white. They also preach to the youth that it’s white privilege in America that keep black youth down. Black youth unemployment is of the chart. They’re teaching them that they have no hope and it’s all whites fault.

Then comes the marketing. Join Black Lives Matter and make a difference. Get even! Get respect! Get power! You can riot and loot and there’s no consequences. Kill any cop but a white cop is a bonus and you’ll earn respect from your peers. Hillary Clinton said, ”I will talk to white people”. Implying its white people’s fault and she’s going to straighten them out. That should be offensive to white people. Once again she’s dividing the country. I see plenty of white people protesting with Black Lives Matter. That sends the wrong message to all races.

Smart, wealthy people look for trends and patterns to make decisions. We’re not implying any of this is true or intentional. However, there’s some interesting patterns here.

We believe there are lots of problems but think everyone can come together to solve them if we stop referring to them versus us. Find out the facts and punish anyone and everyone that commits any crime, period. We have to stop the hatred on all sides because racism is color blond. Any person or race can be racist.

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