Got O2?

We have seen the final season, and final home game, of famed and future hall of famer Kobe Bryant this year.  Love him or hate him, you have to admit that he has a huge Laker following.  So with his career behind him, what kind of crazy memorabilia is selling online for Laker, and Kobe, fans across the world?  Jerseys, shoes, basketballs, and even bobble heads.

How about oxygen?

An ambitious EBay auctioneer posted a sale for the air from the Staples Center, captured during Kobe’s final home game before retirement.  The auction in question came with a zip lock back, “Air From Kobe’s Last Game” written on it, and oh yeah, the air from Staple’s.  Bidding started at one dollar.

What’s a devout Kobe fan to do?  People all over the country started bidding on the air bag.  The price rose, closing out one day at $800.  But it didn’t stop there.  The final bidding price ended at $15,000 before EBay took the posting down.  EBay said that they didn’t support the sale of natural resources on their website, and also didn’t want a potential scam promoted by their company.  I guess everyone is going to have to stick to autographed jerseys from now on.

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