Women Aren’t Ready For The Military

Should women be in the military?  How about on the front lines?  If you were to ask Marine Corp Lt. Col. Kate Germano, the answer might lift an eyebrow or two.

Lt. Col. Germano was recently assigned command over an all-female battalion boot camp, and she was shocked at what she learned.  Her all female Marines had “never once” met the averages of their male counter-parts in physical fitness, academics, or on the rifle range.  Not once.  They were also running fewer miles and carrying less weight.  Finally, she witnessed the women, after running the “Crucible hike”, returning to the grounds with a row of chairs waiting for them.  The male recruits do not get chairs when they are returning from the same hike.



“I took the chairs away immediately and, I’ll tell you what, I had company staff who were terrified that the women were going to fall and break their hip,” she said. “The women weren’t as strong as they should have been…”  She immediately put a halt to the planned integration, where female recruits will be placed with the men in basic training.

Retired Lt. Col. David Morgan said that he didn’t support coed training, but he did see a pervasive negative attitude toward female Marines among men in the Corps, starting with boot camp.  I wonder why?  Could it be that the men are having to work harder at their jobs, including at academics, and don’t get a long row of chairs to sit in after an arduous hike?  Is that where the “pervasive negative attitude” comes from?

Everyone is so terrified of the political aspect in this, that no one is doing the right thing, or even raising their hand.  Because of the Congressional squabbling over securing a few more votes, there will be real life consequences.  The rush is on, and obviously CO’s are afraid to step forward when these women aren’t ready for front line combat.  The result will be that many more of our military personnel will probably be KIA.  This isn’t a fight to sway more voters, these are real life sons and daughters.  Get out of the military!

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