Trey Gowdy Smack Down Coming

You can’t say “Hillary Clinton” without also saying “Benghazi” or “email scandal” these days. Why shouldn’t it be that way, as these are some of the most important incidents that should define a voter’s viewpoint of a potential presidential candidate. But after several years of investigations, including by the Congressional Oversight Committee, I had come to the conclusion that it was all over, another political scandal swept under the rug kind of cover-up.

But no. Rep. Trey Gowdy is surging forward to finish the final reporting, releasing important information. The goal is to be finalized by mid-July, but more than likely it will span out into September, which is near the end of the presidential campaign. If Hillary wins the Democratic nomination, this could potentially be damaging for her race for president. Screams have been coming from media outlets such as The Washington Post and the Huffington Post, with individuals in Capitol Hill as well, stating that this is purely a political move to hurt the Clinton campaign.

So what?

The email scandal specifically is a violation of the law, to which Hillary Clinton has already admitted her guilt. This means that she leaked national security secrets, including personal information of CIA agents abroad. She also withheld information from the American public, not just by not releasing the information in a timely fashion, but by law, all federal employee documents are the right of citizens to view at any time (excluding classified documents). So if a bank robber pleads guilty in court and goes to prison, is it political? If so, does anyone really care? He robbed the bank, didn’t he?

Other federal employees have gone to prison for the exact same thing that Hillary has done. So, why should the Clinton 2.0 machine get off scott-free? At the very minimum, the law states that after committing this scandal, the individual is no longer eligible to run for any political office. Ever. Knowing full well that that isn’t going to happen, I’ll settle for the third option: hitting her where it hurts in the voting booths.

Be afraid Hillary, because this is why Gowdy is the man:

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