Tips On Spending Money Unwisely

A college student who posted a YouTube video last week has the internet in an uproar.  The video is about him and his girlfriend taking a vacation trip to Thailand.  Seems innocent and normal enough, so why is everyone angry at him?

Because he paid for it using his financial aid.  The video is titled “How I Spent My Financial Aid Like A Boss.”

He recorded the entire trip and displayed it in the video.  Meanwhile, the argument for increased spending on tuition aid for college students is being flushed away.  If there aren’t any checks and balances to ensure that these kind of things don’t happen, why would we fund more instead of less?  There are plenty of people who really do need financial aid, but if students can take their aid and misuse it rampantly like this kid, can’t we believe that there are others doing the same thing?  Maybe it’s just that they don’t post it on YouTube and broadcast it to the world.

Here’s a list called “How You Spent Your Financial Aid And Will Never Be A Boss”:

  • Bosses don’t blow their budget on things not related to the business.  Generally speaking, they get fired for that kind of thing.
  • Bragging about potential fraud leads someone to believe that you got an Associate degree in Under Water Basket Weaving and it’s took you eight years to get it.
  • Claiming to need financial aid when you have dual monitors on your PC, a GoPro, drones, etc.
  • Spending $2500 on a trip to Thailand which was supposed to be used for textbooks.  How do you plan on completing your courses?
  • Including half naked video of your girlfriend for everyone who has internet access to view (which is pretty much everyone)

Go to the video and feel free to add comments on how much of a stellar guy you think he is.  Many others already have.

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