First The Redskins…Now The Indians?

Have you ever heard of Bomani Jones? Neither had I – a Google search was required for me to find out that he is an ESPN commentator. He has also made a stir by making an appearance on Mike and Mike by wearing a shirt that said “Caucasians” with the Cleveland Indians logo revamped on it to look like a white person. The reasoning, he explained, was that “To have a problem with the logo of this (pointing to his shirt) would be to have a problem with the Indians.” He also went on to say that the logo on the Atlanta Braves jerseys are racist…because it has a tomahawk. Since when did a tomahawk become racist?

I can’t think of a reason that identifiers are racist, ever. Pundits may argue about the legitimacy of a racial slur in the name “Redskins”, but now things are going too far. When will it ever stop? If identifiers are indeed racist, all of these teams would have to change their names:

NFL – Cowboys, Vikings, Saints, Bucaneers, 49er’s, Patriots, Steelers, Raiders
NBA – Celtics, Mavericks, Kings, Lakers, Warriors
MLB – Mariners, Padres, Pirates, Brewers, Nationals, Phillies
NHL – Canadiens, Senators, Islanders, Rangers, Capitals, Oilers, Kings

Are we saying that even our neighbors up north, Canada, is racist too? People need to put their political correctness somewhere else, otherwise everyone is going to suffer from it. Bomani Jones – stick to sports commentating and get out of politics.

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