Mitt Romney: Politics & Religion

Trump endorsing Romney in 2012

Trump endorsing Romney in 2012

Here’s another perfect example of hypocrisy in politics. It’s also why the country is in the mess it is now. In 2012 Mitt Romney was running for President. He gets an endorsement from now candidate Donald Trump. At his press conference Mitt thanks Trump and gives him a glowing review and praises his accomplishments and knowledge. Fast forward four years and Romney spends almost an hour viciously attacking Trump.

It’s as if he took his 2012 speech and changed all the positive words to negative. Instead a being a brilliant businessman, now’s a terrible businessman. What? Instead of having a clear understanding of world trade and China taking jobs, he would be a disaster for US trade. What? The one thing that’s clear and Romney pointed this out, Trump has been very clear on how he feels and he has been consistent.

We could understand if Romney said he appreciated Trump’s endorsement but doesn’t believe he’s the right person to be President. They’re two totally different positions. But that’s clearly not what he said or tried to demonstrate. He tore Trump apart personally. How can you give someone such a glowing review about being such a great person one day then completely reverse your opinion of them the next? For political reasons, that’s why.

To see someone flip-flop so bad and be so blatant about it demonstrates how far politics and politicians have sunk. Technology is helping us see the truth about people. Everything is videotaped and recorded now days. It’s easy to find out the truth.

The second point I want to raise is the question of religion. Romney claims to be very religious and a devote Mormon. Doesn’t his actions bring into question if that’s true. I thought Christianity was about forgiveness and not attacking other people. Romney viciously attacked Trumps character. He condemns Trump’s remarks as unbecoming of a presidential candidate and immoral. What about his comments? Pretty hateful and you can tell he’s passionate about it.

Finally, what about the Mormon church. No one has asked this question? There’s been no comment from them about one of their most visible and high ranking member of the church’s actions. Is this what they teach in their religion? Is this acceptable behavior? Is this the actions they want the public associating with their religion?

What is the Mormon church’s position on Romney’s comments and actions?

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