Ferguson Debate

Michael Brown

Michael Brown

Officer Darren Wilson

Officer Darren Wilson









Our country is facing a huge crisis. It’s not ISIS, Iran, Russia or China. It’s right here in our own country, Racism. To be clear, were not saying anyone is racist and definitely not saying the country as a whole is racist. Of course there are people who are racist. They’re in every race; white, black, brown, etc.

The real problem is how it’s dividing our country regardless if you’re racist or not. Unfortunately there are a handful of celebrities that fuel the fire by constantly race baiting high profile issues for their personal gain. The Reverend Al Sharpton is one of the most notable celebrities always in front of the camera during all racially charged issues. He has been a controversial person for years and faced a number of controversial issues himself. Currently he’s facing issues with the IRS because he is alleged to owe $4.5 million in taxes.

It’s clear that a large portion of the African American community feels they are being held down and oppressed by whites. A grand jury just voted not to prosecute Officer Darren Wilson for any crimes after shooting and killing Michael Brown. Whites agree and blacks disagree with the decision. The facts don’t matter.

Whites think the evidence clearly shows Wilson was justified in shooting Brown. The indisputable facts show Brown robbed a store shortly before the shooting. During that robbery he assaulted the man working in the store when he tried to stop Brown from stealing the cigarillos. Brown disobeyed Wilson when he asked him to get out of the street (Brown and his friend were walking down the middle of the street). Brown cursed at Wilson which started the interaction. At that point Wilson attempted to get out of his police car and confront Brown. Brown used the door to push Wilson back into his car then proceed to punch Wilson in the face. Wilson went for his gun and ordered Brown to stop or he would shoot him. Brown grabbed the gun in an attempt to take it away. Wilson felt Brown was trying to turn the gun on him so he fired barely hitting Brown in the thumb. Browns DNA and blood was inside the police car, on Wilson’s thigh and shirt. Brown started running and Wilson pursued telling Brown to stop and called for backup. Brown eventually turned and charged at Wilson causing him to fire several more shots hitting Brown. He stops momentarily then charges again for about 22 feet where Wilson fires more shots fatally killing Brown.

Witnesses corroborate Wilson’s story.

None of that matters to the black community. First, they don’t believe the evidence. They think there are other facts that weren’t presented to the Grand Jury. Another accusation is that the Prosecutor wasn’t really trying to get Wilson indicted. There was a witness who said Brown put his hands up before being shot. One of the biggest questions is could Wilson have handled the situation differently that would not have led to killing Brown. Could he have controlled the situation differently? Maybe wait for backup before pursuing Brown.

One thing most people agree on is that this doesn’t justify all the crime and violence the demonstrators are committing. There are a few that disagree. They feel the violent demonstrations are required to get justice for Brown and change the unfair treatment blacks get.

I found the video below and thought it was an interesting perspective. I’m not advocating what is said to true. It is a completely different view then I have heard on any TV program or read in any articles.

What do you think? Is he right or not?


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