Bar’s Dress Code Racist

It appears that some feel having a dress code is racist. Michelle Horovitz is appalled by the dress code and claims it is clearly racist.

Bar Louie in Minneapolis has created a lot of attention with their new dress code. The new dress code is clearly displayed at the door. It outlines clothing patrons cannot wear inside the bar. It includes “flat bill hats,” “large chains”, “long white t-shirts” and “excessively baggy clothing.” Horovitz says it “Might as well just say, ‘No black folks allowed,’” and “It’s ridiculous.”

Bar Louie Dress Code

Bar Louie Dress Code

Another local resident agrees that it is racist and says the community should not patronize the bar. That’s definitely their right.


It is their right to boycott Bar Louie because their offended but that doesn’t’ make it racist. There’s absolutely no evidence that the dress code is applied differently between races or genders. Numerous white people wear the same articles listed on the dress code. If you’re white and wear any of these articles, you can’t get in. They could have just said no gang-banger looking clothes. Would that still be racist?

The only stereotype this seems to be implying is they don’t want trouble because of rowdy customers and gang-bangers. Bar Louie is trying to protect their investment. Customers that wear clothing like this can scare off other customers.

No black person has been refused access if they were within the dress code.

This is another clear sign of society becoming too politically correct. It’s hard to see how anyone makes this connection unless they view this clothing to black people. Maybe they are the ones that are stereotyping and possibly racist.

A business has the right to set a dress code and yes, if someone is offended, don’t go there.

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