“12 Years A Slave” Racist Display

Is this another example of society’s ultra-politically correct attitude? A supermarket chain in the Uk innocently assembled a display in one of their store to promote and sell the movie “12 Years A Slave” on DVD & Blue-Ray. The display included plenty of marketing material clearly showing the purpose of the display.

All the uproar and accusations of racism came because of a mannequin that was part of the display. Basically the mannequin had a torn shirt and pants, similar to the clothing worn by Chiwetel Ejiofor in his portrayal of Northup. There was even a twig sticking out of the mannequin’s pants pocket at a Sainsbury’s branch in Oxford.

Since the mannequin was dressed exactly like the main character I’m not sure what’s racist. The movie won an Oscar and nobody complained about how he was dressed in the movie. The store took down the display and apologized under pressure.

I’ve seen dozens of marketing displays that have props to enhance the display. Does this seem too politically correct?

The Heyford Hill stores display

The Heyford Hill stores display with a mannequin wearing the same clothes Solomon Northup wore.

Solomon Northup

Solomon Northup from “12 Years A Slave”

"12 Years A Slave" display tweets.

“12 Years A Slave” display tweets.

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