Chris Stevens wasn’t murdered?

Have you heard this ridiculous accusation? Eleanor Clift is a liberal political reporter, television pundit, and author. She is currently a contributing editor for Newsweek magazine and blogger for The Daily Beast. Her column, “Capitol Letter”, is posted each week on the Newsweek and MSNBC websites. She is a regular panelist on the nationally syndicated show The McLaughlin Group, which she has compared to “a televised food fight”. Clift is a board member at the IWMF (International Women’s Media Foundation).

During a broadcast discussion of Benghazi on “The McLaughlin Group” Clift insisted that U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens wasn’t really murdered. She tried to spin the story by saying Stevens died from “smoke inhalation.” According to Clift “I’d like to point out that Ambassador Stevens was not ‘murdered,’ ” making a gesture with her fingers in the air to suggest the drawing of quote marks, “but died of smoke inhalation in a CIA safe room.”

As shocking as this allegation was a fellow panelist pointed out the nature of his death stemmed from a terrorist attack. “It was a terrorist attack, Eleanor. He was murdered in a terrorist attack,” said panelist Pat Buchanan, Mediaite reported.

Clift replied to Buchanan’s comment by saying the terrorist attack was fueled by the anti-Muslim video. And “it was still a CIA [outpost]. If you’re going to put somebody on trial, put David Petraeus on trial, not Hillary Clinton.”

Are you kidding Clift?

First, it’s been almost two years since this attack. There is proof that the attack wasn’t because of the video. Everyone one knows this including the White House. This is why there is a Special Committee to investigate the attack. You really should get your facts straight. It’s amazing that a professional media reporter writing columns in larger publication, appearing on talk shows and a political analyst would make an untrue statement.

Second and more important is how Clift is trying to twist the story around. Do you realize there are even laws in the US where a person can be punished for participating in a crime even though they might not have directly committed the crime? Aside from that, it is murder if someone commits an act that ultimately leads to someone dying. The only difference in this case was that he was in a safe room where the terrorists couldn’t get to him. If they would have got to him they would have surely killed him. Possibly by beating him to death.

Finally, what about the other three that were killed. Were they not killed either? It was really the rocket launchers that killed them, right?

I hope Newsweek and MSNBC reconsider working with Eleanor Clift. They should be held accountable for giving Clift a forum to spew her lies and delusional accusations.

Ambassador Chris Stevens

Ambassador Chris Stevens

Eleanor Clift

Eleanor Clift

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