Obama Out Of Touch

If you have seen any news or Internet highlights you’ve probably heard of the latest White House scandal. Nineteen states have launched investigations into how the VA waiting lists have been handled. It’s been discovered that the VA had a handed set of books to schedule appointments. The organization put patients on the original list. Within two weeks they would move them to the true waiting list. From there it could take weeks or months for a veteran to finally get an appointment. The motive? So they VA could report to executives and the White House that they’ve reduced wait times, they’re meeting the two week goal and they can claim they’re providing better patient care. Unfortunately it appears to be lies.

It is alleged the at least 40 veterans have died because they couldn’t get the treatment they needed. It may turn out to be hundreds have died. The scandal is bad enough and could potentially bring criminal charges to some.

This story is about the White House and how out of touch they are. This video compiles a number of clips where Obama and his staff continue to admit they hadn’t heard about a scandal until they saw it on the news. Come to find out the Obama transition team was informed of the VA problems and possible hidden wait lists back in 2008. However, as late as Monday, May 19, 2014 they claim they heard about it on the news.

Is this lack of knowledge about all these scandals show the White House is out of touch? Should the public be concerned about them not knowing or possibly lying about it?

Obama claims he’s as mad as hell about this. He’s said that several times and it doesn’t seem like its made a bit of difference.

What do you think?

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