Macklemore’s Anti-Semitism

At a surprise performance at the Experience Music Project Museum Friday night, rapper Macklemore performed with an oversized nose, bowl-cut wig and Hasidic-looking beard attached to his face. This outraged several fans in attendance. It spark a flurry of Tweets which Macklemore responded with a Tweet of his own.

Anti-semitism tweets

Tweets about Macklemore being anti-Semitism.

“A fake witches [sic] nose, wig, and beard = random costume,” he wrote. “Not my idea of a stereotype of anybody.”

Macklemore Tweets

Macklemore’s Costume

Macklemore's Jewish Friends

Jewish Friends

Macklemore campaigns for tolerance and did that night during his performance. During the same event Queen Latifah married 33 gay and straight couples.

Although he claims it was just a random costume it definitely seems to appear a lot like a stereotype of Jewish people. Maclemore’s music addressed issues like sexuality but he has not announce what his religion is. In April 2013, as spotted by the Daily Dot, a fan on Twitter asked Macklemore whether he was Jewish or not. He replied, “Nah. Just got hella good Jewish homies.”

Is this offensive? Would it be acceptable if his random costume resembled a Muslim?


Maclemore Anti-Semtism

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