Voter ID Debate

How ironic! The right has pushed for the requirement of a photo to vote. The left insists it discriminates against minorities and discourages them from voting. Personally, I can’t understand the argument. Why would requiring an ID to vote be discrimination? You need an ID for almost everything you do in life; jobs, writing checks, cashing checks, buying alcohol, driving, buying cigarettes, using a credit card, flying and even getting into some movies and clubs. The left claims not everyone can get an ID or afford it. States that have implemented photo ID’s to photo or tried to implement it have bent over backwards to create opportunities to acquire photo ID’s at no cost or through the mail.

One of the biggest proponents to voter ID is Al Sharpton. He has been very outspoken about this and fought every state that has tried to implement requiring voters to provide a photo ID. Now Rush Limbaugh, someone Al Sharpton really doesn’t like, has been awarded “Author of the Year” by the Children’s Book Council after the group held an online vote premised on it being restricted to kids. The outrage by Al Sharpton and a number of leftists, some associated with MSNBC, attempted to get Limbaugh’s book banned from the election process prior to voting. Sharpton and the left knew there was a good chance the book would win. Reverend Al, as he likes to be referred as, went on a Limbaugh bashing campaign that demonstrated their hatred for Limbaugh to try and persuade the group exclude Limbaugh’s book from the vote. Unfortunately for them and fortunately for everyone else this protest didn’t work. The Children’s Book Council allowed it to be part of the vote and it won.

The real story here is what happened after Limbaugh won “Author of the Year”. The question came up of potential ‘voter fraud’. This infuriated Sharpton and the left. Sharpton insisted that they see the children’s IDs to verify that they are who they say they are and there wasn’t multiple votes by any single person. Amazing!

I personally think voter IDs are more important to insure fair political elections then a national book award.

Does anyone else see the irony in this?

Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton by David Shankbone

Rush Limbaugh

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